6th Grade - US History to 1865

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USI.1 - Skills

Video - Latitude & Longitude Review
USI.2 - Geography

Brain Pop Video: Continents of the World

USI.3 - Archaeology & Native Americans

Brain Pop Video: American Indians

USI.4 - Explorers

USI.5 - Colonies

Crash Course Video: Colonizing America

Plymouth Colony

Massachusetts Bay Colony

Crash Course Video: The Quakers, the Dutch & the Women
(The beginning portion of this video covers the colony of Pennsylvania & the end, women in the colonies)

Debtors in Georgia

Life in the South

Indentured Servants


Free African Americans

USI.6 - American Revolution

Crash Course Video: The Seven Years War (This is another name for the French & Indian War)

The Proclamation of 1763

Brain Pop Video: Causes of the American Revolution

The Stamp Act

Crash Course Video: Prelude to Revolution

Declaration of Independence

Brain Pop Video: Benjamin Franklin

The Boston Massacre

Boston Tea Party

First Continental Congress

Lexington & Concord

Battle of Saratoga

Yorktown & the Treaty of Paris

Brain Pop Video: American Revolution

Crash Course Video: Who Won the American Revolution?
USI.7 - Building the United States

Brain Pop Video: Bill of Rights

Articles of Confederation

Brain Pop Video: Three Branches of Government

Crash Course Video: The Articles of Confederation, the Constitution & Federalism

The Constitution

The Bill of Rights

USI.8 - Expansion & Reform

Crash Course: War & Expansion

Louisiana Purchase

Lewis and Clark

Crash Course Video: The Market Revolution (the beginning of this video discusses new inventions; later it discusses westward expansion)

California Gold Rush

Inventors & Inventions

Video - Eli Whitney

William Lloyd Garrison

Underground Railroad

USII.9 - Civil War

Crash Course Video: Slavery

Brain Pop Video: Civil War Causes

Missouri Compromist

Compromise of 1850

Kansas Nebraska Act

The South Secedes

Fort Sumter

Crash Course Video: The Election of 1860 & the Road to Disunion

Brain Pop Video: Abraham Lincoln

Emancipation Proclamation

Brain Pop Video: Civil War

Crash Course video: Civil War part 1

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All SOLs