7th Grade - U.S. History 1865 to the Present

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Readings/Slide Shows
USII.2 - Geography

Transcontinental Railroad video

USII.3 - Reconstruction

Crash Course video: Reconstruction & 1876

USII.4 - Late 19th century changes -
westward expansion, city growth, immigration,
Jim Crow laws, industrialization, etc.

Crash Course video: Westward Expansion

Little Big Horn

Wounded Knee
Brain Pop video - Wounded Knee Massacre

Crash Course video: Growth, Cities & Immigration

Urban Life
Crash Course video: Gilded Age Politics
The first five minutes explain political machines

Booker T. Washington

WEB Du Bois

Crash Course video: The Industrial Economy

Brain Pop video - Railroad History

John D. Rockefeller
Brain Pop video - Thomas Edison

Andrew Carnegie
Brain Pop Video - Assembly line

American Federation of Labor
Video - Susan B. Anthony

Women's Suffrage
Brain Pop video - Women's Suffrage

Crash Course video: Women's Suffrage

Crash Course video: The Progressive Era
The beginning discusses problems addressed
by Progressives,the final few minutes discuss Booker T. Washington & W.E.B. DuBois

Homestead Strike video from History Channel
USII.5 - Growth of American Power
Spanish American War summary
Crash Course video: American Imperialism
Discusses Spanish American War & the Panama Canal

Spanish American War

Roosevelt Corollary

Brain Pop video - World War I

Crash Course video: America in World War I

Treaty of Versailles & the League of Nations
Brain Pop video - League of Nations

USII.6 - Changes in the Early 20th century -
technology, Prohibition, Great Depression

Crash Course video: The Roaring 20's

Age of the Automobile
Video - The Model T Ford and the Assembly Line


Brain Pop video - Georgia O'Keeffe

Harlem Renaissance
Brain Pop video - Harlem Renaissance

Crash Course video - Langston Hughes & the Harlem Renaissance

Brain pop video - Louis Armstrong

Brain Pop video - Great Depression

Crash Course video: The Great Depression

Brain Pop video - Great Depression Causes

Social Security
Brain Pop video - New Deal

Crash Course video: New Deal

Brain Pop video - Franklin Roosevelt
USII.7 - World War II

Brain Pop video - Adolf Hitler

Crash Course video - World War II

Crash Course video - World War II, part 1

Crash Course video - World War II, part 2

Pearl Harbor
Brain Pop video - World War II Causes

Brain Pop video - World War II

Manhattan Project
Brain Pop video - Hiroshima & Nagasaki

The Homefront
Brain Pop video - Holocaust

Japanese Internment

USII.8 & 9 - Post World War II America

Brain Pop video - United Nations

Containment & the Marshall Plan
Crash Course video - The Cold War

Crash Course video - USA vs USSR Fight! The Cold War

Brain Pop Video - Cold War

Brain Pop Video - Communism

Crash Course - The Cold War in Asia

Korean War
Brain Pop video - Korean War

The End of the Cold War
Brain Pop video - Vietnam War

Montgomery Bus Boycott
Brain Pop Video - Civil Rights

Crash Course video - Civil Rights & the 1950's

Brain Pop video - Brown v Board of Education

Brain Pop video - Martin Luther King Jr.

The Equal Rights Amendment
Crash Course video - The 1960's in America
Includes the Civil Rights Movement & Women's Rights

Video - Frank Lloyd Wright

Brain Pop video - Maya Angelou

Brain Pop video - September 11th

Brain Pop video - Terrorism

All SOLs
Crash Course video - Terrorism, War & Bush 43

Crash Course - Globalization I - The Upside

Crash Course video - Globalization II - Good or Bad?