8th Grade - World History & Geography to 1500

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Map review games - bodies of water, early civilizations, Persia, India, eastern Asia, Greece, Islamic Empire

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WH&GI practice test

WH&GI practice test

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Archaeologists & Artifacts

Video - Human Prehistory

Neolithic Revolution
Brain Pop video - Agricultural Revolution

Video - Agricultural Revolution

Crash Course video - The Agricultural Revolution

Fertile Crescent
Crash Course video - Mesopotamia

Early Writing/Cuneiform
Brain Pop video - Sumerians

Code of Hammurabi

Crash Course video - Ancient Egypt

Brain Pop video - Egyptian Pharaohs

WHI.3d - Hebrew history

The Hebrews


Persian Empire

Indus Valley
Crash Course video - Indus Valley Civilization

Indian Empires

The Guptas

Hinduism & Buddhism Video

Crash Course video - Buddha & Ashoka

Emporer Qin & the Mandate of Heaven
Crash Course video - 2,000 Years of Chinese History

The Great Wall of China
Brain Pop video - Great Wall of China

Silk Road
Brain Pop video - Silk Road

Crash Course video - The Silk Road & Ancient Trade

Taoism & Confucianism

Japanese Religion

Greek Gods
Brain Pop video - Greek Gods

Crash Course video - The Persians & Greeks

Includes Athens, Sparta, the Golden Age of Pericles
& the Peloponnesian Wars
Greece Overview Video

Athens & Sparta
Brain Pop video - Athens

Crash Course video - Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

Roman Religion

Includes the Republic & the Punic Wars

The Roman Republic
Brain Pop video - Roman Republic

Julius Caesar
Crash Course video - The Roman Empire. Or Republic. Or...Which was it?

Death of Caesar

Roman Empire
Brain Pop video - Rise of the Roman Empire

The Pax Romana
Brain Pop video - Pax Romana

The Birth of Christianity
Crash Course video - Christianity from Judaism to Constantine

The Fall of the Roman Empire
Brain Pop video - Fall of the Roman Empire

Crash Course video - Fall of the Roman Empire...in the 15th century?

Crash Course video - Islam, the Quran & the Five Pillars

Islamic Achievements Video

Kingdom of Axum

Kingdom of Ghana
Crash Course - Mansa Musa & Islam in Africa


Great Zimbabwe

Brain Pop video - Mesoamerica

Brain Pop video - Aztec civilization

Brain Pop video - Inca Civilization

Brain Pop video - Maya Civilization

Crash Course video - The Dark Ages...How Dark were they Really?

Brain Pop video - Middle Ages

Religion in the Middle Ages

Brain Pop video - Feudalism

Brain Pop video - Magna Carta

Joan of Arc

Crash Course video - Russia, the Kievan Rus & the Mongols

Black Plague

Crash Course video - The Crusades - Pilgrimage or Holy War?

The Renaissance
Crash Course video - The Renaissance: Was it a Thing?

Brain Pop - Leonardo da Vinci

The Printing Press
Brain Pop video - Michelangelo